What is it like to work in a Nonprofit organization? especially in the fundraising area?

April 6th, 2009
nrichards34 asked:

I’m considering a degree in Nonprofit management with a fundraising certificate. I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of working in a non-profit, however, I don’t really know what the day-to-day work load will be. Is it mostly a desk job or is it more of working with people? Is fundraising a hard job or can it be fun? Any info would help!

Fundraising for a non profit animal adoption center that is in a small but rich community?

April 5th, 2009
kothman1212 asked:

I volunteer at an animal adoption center in jackson wy and I need fundraising ideas because we are poor as hell! We are fairly successful adopting out dogs and cats and rodents, but we adopt them out about half the price of money that we actually put work into them. Recently I did a study on the place and raised 500 dollars and that was gone in two seconds for them! They need help… PLZ respond!

What are some good ideas for fundraising events?

April 4th, 2009
sonα asked:

My friend and I are starting an organization. We are a bunch of high school students, and we are looking for a place to meet every other week. However, all of these places charge money, so we needed a fundraising idea. Can you guys help me come up with an event that we can host for fundraising, and exactly how to go about setting it up, step-by-step, and how to put together every part of it.

What big stores offer fundraising programs where you can shop and have a portion donated to your organization?

April 4th, 2009
i have a ? asked:

I have started a new organization a school that raises money for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. I know of the concept in which you shop with a special gift card and a small percentage of the amount goes back to your organization. Which big stores have this fundraising program??

How do I ask companies to sponsor a fundraising event?

April 3rd, 2009
Susieq1118 asked:

I’m organizing a professional business fraternity fundraising event, something like a silent auction. How do I get businesses and companies to sponsor our event?

Need easy and effective long and short term fundraising ideas for a horse rescue in Maryland?

April 2nd, 2009
Laura J asked:

Hi everyone,

I need effective and easy fundraising ideas for a horse rescue in Maryland where I am a volunteer. We have a volunteer shortage and are extremely low on funds, to the point where we may eventually need to close a farm if things continue this way. We care for around 100 horses at our two farms, and around 50 fosters, as well as some donkeys, mules, and ponies.

I need some ideas for fundraising that will not take a great deal of manpower – ideas for marketing and public awareness activities are also welcome.

By the way, more info about the rescue can be found at www.horsenethorserescue.org – if you are able to volunteer or provide online donations, especially at this difficult time, please check the site for more info. We would appreciate it!

Thanks for the ideas and assistance.

What is the best kind of fundraising event? And what to do at it?

March 24th, 2009
☮Hippie at Heart☮ asked:

I am planning a fundraising event to raise money for a cause. I want it to be really fun and expensive looking but not be too expensive. I am hoping to make a profit of about $2000.
Please make sure it is FAMILY FRIENDLY.
Going to be lots of kinds.
No drinkers but the idea was nice.
Sorry, just noticed this. When I said “kinds” I meant kids. 🙂

How can I create a donations link for my charity fundraising?

March 22nd, 2009
Child Aid F asked:

I’d like to create some kind of link to put on my facebook/myspace and other webpages so that people who want to can donate odd money to my charity. We already have a website but I want to appeal to more people than this reaches and I know on some peoples pages they have a way that people can click and donate small money through sponsoring and sending money via paypal or whatever online. Any ideas how I can do this i already have a fundraising web page?


March 21st, 2009
Shelby asked:

I am doing a fundraiser for our school band and the money pays for our free tickets to go to six flags over texas (awesome) i need some ideas on, where to go that will earn me customers other than: parents jobs, and church
and please give me some of your tips
and how you made money for fundraising
were selling out of brochures and the stuff is due october 2

What company would give you free items for fundraising for a charity event?

March 18th, 2009
some black girl asked:

Some item ideas would be like yoyos or skateboards. My idea is to have a carnival at my school. The thing is if they pay to play a game they’ll want a prize in return. So what be a good company to help for this type of fundraising. Its for a high-school. Charity is for Habitat for Humanity.