What is good fundraising idea to collect alot of money?

BRE asked:

My dance company is trying to go to Disney World next spring to perform there.. however, my high school is not the richest school so we really want to fundraise to raise money to help lower the cost of the trip. My school has this new stupid rule that you can only do 5 fundraisers per group/sport or whatever. So, whatever fundraising we do must be realllyyy good since we have such a limited amount. I really would like some help thinking of ways to get alot of money.

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  1. MavistheMaven says:

    An event, like throwing a dance party, would have to be big to earn a lot, because it’s a one-time thing. But you could do this. Throw a community-wide dance fest, where you group puts on a dance show, then has food, dancing and a lessons area afterwards. You could even have a dance competition – people would pay to get in, then get vouchers for a drink, a snack and an activity, say. But then they’d pay for the rest of their food and lessons.

    But you could make money doing something ongoing, so that it’s one fundraiser, done over time. Maybe sell dance or workout clothes with the school logo or the dance company logo on it. Or make a video with dance lessons on it and sell that.

    It doesn’t have to be dance-themed. You could do car washes or window washing, though I don’t know how much these earn.

  2. avonfromjessie says:

    I help local schools sign up to do Avon fundraisers. It is so good because it is a product that people buy every day!!!

    You can use the fundraiser sheets, the Avon books or my website. Contact me if you are interested and I will send you some info. The best thing is there is little to no start up cost! I can get you the flyer’s for free, the books at cost or you can have people go to my site, write down what they want and just e-mail it to me. I can also offer you 2 certificates for an 8 day vacation for you to use as a prize for your top sellers or buyers. The vacation package dose have some taxes and surcharges, but I would outline them for you to make it more clear. Just let me know!! Thanks and good luck with which ever fund raiser you do!!!

  3. Anthony S says:

    I work with a company that can help you set up fundraisers for any project you might have. One of the best to use is a web based promo offer fundraiser that costs you nothing to set up and use, you just need to promote your project with emails and flyers to those who might want to help you and get a great deal on things like Netflix, blockbuster, As Seen On TV items, and the like. Check the link below to find out more, or email me at and I’ll be happy to help!

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