fundraising ideas with little or no investment?

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i am planning to do a fundraising to benefit children with little or no investment. Can anyone give me some ideas as I am working alone to donate to an organization. My idea is hiring a magician and selling ticket but that is too much money, so please help

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  1. Nibblet says:

    call the musicians in the area and put on a youth dance, and ask for donations.

  2. FaZizzle says:

    First off — figure out your goal. For whom are you raising? What are you trying to accomplish? How are you going to tie the community in with this?

    Hiring a magician is fine and will work, but it’s not going to help raise money for the cause. Especially if you are working alone without a major organization, people will have trouble trusting you and you’ll end up using your own money to barely break even. If that’s the case, why not just donate straight to an organization?

    You need to get the community involved. A lot of people get star struck with fundraising that they forget about the people they have to target. So you want to raise money for kids in Africa…why should people in your community care? So you want to raise money for a religious organization…why should other religions care? You HAVE to connect with the community.

    I’ve worked with a national nonprofit organization for a few years, and even though the name is known to nearly everywhere, people just don’t care. Why would people want to see a magician? Why would people want to PAY to see a magician?

    For your first project, start small and think small. Think: drive. Toy drive, canned goods drive, book drive, etc.

    Figure out your cause (1), figure out the RULES of this cause as some organizations won’t take all donations (2), and figure out how to get the community interested (3).

    You can have all the passion in the world, but if you can’t connect the community to the cause, you’re going to end up with a negative fundraiser, meaning you’ll not only put a dent in the cause (failure event = failure organization to many people) as well as a dent in your wallet.

    Also, asking for donations never works unless you are established in the area. Once again…people just don’t want to give money to organizations they don’t understand or care about. Would you give to the KKK if you supported Obama? If you are anti-abortion, would you give money (or even an ear) to someone preaching for women’s rights? Probably not.

    I HIGHLY suggest contacting your local hospital and ambulatory service: many of them keep stuffed animals on hand for the kids who come in and are terrified. There are strict rules regarding donations, BUT it’s an easy place to start.

    Just be sure that if you do end up holding a _____ drive to leave ENOUGH time and ADVERTISE. Get your word out there.

  3. Ernie says:

    This is a clothing drive. Looks easy. No money investment.

  4. resolutewarrior2005 says:

    Walking door to door and learning to communicate with willing and unwilling people is always an experience…getting a group of people to do it increases your outcome…

    Car washes work too. The important part is communicating or advertising with your clientele. Using bright fluorescent signs, dressing for business and speaking without slang or offensive behaviors…

  5. lydlykarug says:

    putting together a bingo game is pretty inexpensive and can really raise some good money if planned well..also car washes are good, but you need a whole bunch of volunteers (sometimes not so easy to, a rummage/garage sale works, but takes substantial energy compiling items to sell…i teach preschool and we have a bingo/silent auction once a year..(i raffle myself off for babysitting and bring in bank! there are a lot of different things you can put together if you use your imagination..good luck!

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