Does anyone know any good volunteer oppurtunities or fundraising ideas?

yah trick.. asked:

I’m trying to organize some fundraising and volunteer projects for my youth group at church. I’ve tried volunteer match and others like that but they dont seem to be the right fit like a lot arent for big groups or are too time specific. Any ideas?

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  1. u r s i says:

    Have each family of the group to bake different items (cookie, cup cake, different flavor cakes to be cut into slices, etc) for a Bake Sale.

    Get each family to donate items outgrown or no longer used for a Rummage Sale.

    Ask each child to get a parent to go door-to-door asking for money for the church group.

  2. sunglasses says:


    volunteer @ rec centers or school to help with reading and homework. Fundraiser,car washing,raffles,sport marathons


  3. says:

    ok: I do know an good ” Orginization that would have you
    Volunteer see it’s
    best effort which we’d are Christan & need ‘s leadership”
    among Colton Community Church , Kiwanis Key Clubs International groups!

  4. Brent says:

    I would recommend that you contact your local volunteer center. They can provide all sorts of one-time or short-term volunteer activities that match your interest and meet real community needs as well. In addition, they work with local non-profit organizations to provide support with volunteers and other project support.

    Check out your local volunteer center through the following links:

    For fundraising, you can work with your volunteer center for publicity for your event.

  5. kriz10 says:

    My husband and I have a business and sometimes we work with community organizations, church groups etc. to help them raise funds. If you’re interested, send me the details about your organization, how much you’re hoping to raise etc. You can email me by clicking on my avatar.

  6. Travel Agent says:

    Send me an e-mail or visit my profile.
    I have a friend who is doing a fundraiser right now for Cancer.

  7. Jackie says:


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