Do you have any good ideas for major fundraising?

March 17th, 2009
paper_due_tomorrow asked:

We’re a high school robotics club and compete against colleges like MIT, Duke, and Cornell every year in San Diego. We are running on a tight budget and would like to do some major fundraising to reduce our cost. We are looking at three to four digits fundraising. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has connections to major companies that would be interested in funding us, please help out.

Thank you Probslvr, but unfortunately San Diego State University is also in the competition. I really don’t think they’d be happy to play against their own school.

Any good ideas for fundraising for a play?

March 16th, 2009
vic asked:

I wrote and will perform my one woman show in LA. We found a theatre but I would need to raise about a $1000 to rent it. ANy good ideas for fundraising or finding a sponsor?

What is good fundraising idea to collect alot of money?

March 14th, 2009
BRE asked:

My dance company is trying to go to Disney World next spring to perform there.. however, my high school is not the richest school so we really want to fundraise to raise money to help lower the cost of the trip. My school has this new stupid rule that you can only do 5 fundraisers per group/sport or whatever. So, whatever fundraising we do must be realllyyy good since we have such a limited amount. I really would like some help thinking of ways to get alot of money.

Does anyone know any good volunteer oppurtunities or fundraising ideas?

March 12th, 2009
yah trick.. asked:

I’m trying to organize some fundraising and volunteer projects for my youth group at church. I’ve tried volunteer match and others like that but they dont seem to be the right fit like a lot arent for big groups or are too time specific. Any ideas?

Does anyone have good fundraising ideas?

March 12th, 2009
ImmortalOrchid asked:

I am the co-president of a great club in my high school called “Smile Train”, which is an extension of the organization itself. I was just looking for ideas, because our club, though growing larger slowly, is still small and sometimes the senior members (all seven or eight of us) have a hard time thinking of fundraising ideas for our little club. Most of the proceeds have to go to the organization (okay, all of them- I still have to check up on that) and we just really want to make a big difference on the school community and the town we live in. Thanks for any suggestions!

What are some good ideas for fundraising in-school for charity?

March 10th, 2009
Ben B asked:

I am the President of the Sophmore class of Lake Region Union High School, in Northern Vermont. I’ve been approved to lead a fundraising effort for charity with my class. The rest of the class representitives have agreed we should do something with an ecological charity like the Arbor Day Foundation. We’d prefer it to be a low, or no cost fundraiser. Does anyone have some ideas?

What is an interesting and unique fundraising event?

March 7th, 2009
Michelle G asked:

Our charity is looking to put together a fundraising event, but we don’t want to do the same ole, same ole. Any ideas?

What is the worst fundraising scam you have heard of?

March 4th, 2009
myopenhandsguy asked:

I work with small non-profit groups, and am working on proposals for some potential clients. The hardest part of this business is building trust, because so many people in fundraising are scam artists.

I am collecting people’s stories of bad deals and rip-offs. Would be interested in yours.

fundraising ideas with little or no investment?

March 3rd, 2009
24 asked:

i am planning to do a fundraising to benefit children with little or no investment. Can anyone give me some ideas as I am working alone to donate to an organization. My idea is hiring a magician and selling ticket but that is too much money, so please help

I need help with fundraising for the troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Can anyone help me?

March 2nd, 2009
Secret asked:

I just started working with a fundraising company that was appointed by an important veterans organization to help raise funds for the troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The executive director is amazing, she knows so many people and is inspiring.

My problem is that I can’t find anyone to get on board and I don’t get paid unless I raise funds. I have contacted all kinds of organizations across the countries to no avail. This is a nationwide initiative and I’m losing time and money.

The troops keep me going because they are so brave and selfless. I attended a benefit for disabled troops 10 days ago and I finally saw a product of what I could achived with all the time I spend trying to find sponsors. One day I will have my own fundraiser.

But until then, I’m running out of money and I need some good suggestions of organizations or individuals that will sponsor an event. Your troops will be greatful.
We are a new company and our site is still a little bare, We are affiliated with the Vietnam Veterans of America and Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund. We were featured in the Veteran, the VVA publication on page 4. We also just helped welcome troops from Walter Reed at a pizza party last week before the Achilles Hope & Possibilities Run in NYC.
All donations go directly to the VVAF for programs and services. We are paid by the VVA not from the funds we raise.
These programs will benefit the troops in mental and physical health services, career counseling services, homeless services, and services for the disabled.